My school (моя школа)
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My school (моя школа)

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       I have left school this year, and now I am going to tell you a few words about it I started school at the age of seven. The number of it is sixteen. It is a specialized school in our town where I studied eleven years.
       At first I attended primary school. The primary school curriculum included Russian, Maths, English, Drawing, Physical - Training and Music. And then after three years of primary school classes I went on to secondary school. It consisted of eight years of classes, six of which were compulsory. Our curriculum included Russian, Maths, English, Literature, Sciences and History. After the ninth form one must take four examinations: in Russian, Maths, English and History. But to enter a University it is necessary to study two years more and take five examinations on finishing the eleventh form.
       And now I would like to tell you a few words about the building. My school has four floors. I think it is the most beautiful school in our town. It's famous for its high-quality education and strict discipline. The school is very well equipped. It stands in a large yard. In the yard there are many trees. In front of the school there is a sports ground, where we took part in the sports competitions, and behind the school there is a garden with flowers in it.
       When we came to school we took off our coats and hats, raincoats and caps. On the ground floor you can see the dining room, where we had dinner. It was very tasty. The workshops for boys and girls are on the ground floor too. There are also classrooms for the first, second and third forms on the ground floor.
       On the first floor you can see classrooms for senior pupils. There is also a large Assembly hall, teachers' room and physics, chemistry, biology labs. The classroom of English is on the first floor too. We leamt English there. We had English four times a week. It was my favorite subject. During the lessons we read various texts, did a lot of exercises, translated sentences from Russian into English and from English into Russian, asked questions and answered them. I enjoyed my classes as we often watched video-films and listened to the tapes. We also leamt new words and revised grammar rules. We discussed different topics and shared our knowledge on the culture of English- speaking countries. Sometimes we had tests and dictations. I tried to do well at school. I always did my homework thoroughly. Sometimes I had to sit up to write a composition, to prepare a report, to translate the texts or to learn a poem by heart. So let's turn to the discussion of the building.
       On the second floor you can see classrooms for little ones. There is also a library. It is very large. Here you can see long shelves full of books by different writers. I think that it's very convenient to use your school library, because you don't have to go anywhere, if you must make a report. The librarian knows you well and can give you a piece of advice.
       I'm fond of reading and I often came to the library to take books for reading. It's very interesting to talk about library but I must tell you about the building of my school.
       As I have already said our school is a four-storeyed building, and on the third floor you can see a TV lab. We often went there to copy a tape or record anything. As you can see our school is very good. And I liked to study there. I went to school five days a week. Our classes began at twenty minutes past eight in the morning. Each lesson lasted forty minutes. And we usually had six or seven lessons a day. But after classes we usually didn't go home right away. We had some out-of-class activities. I think that our social and cultural life was well organized. I liked my class and I always felt at home there. Everybody was so friendly and easy to get along with. I was on good terms with my classmates and we often spent our free time together.
       I suppose I shall never forget my classmates and my school.

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