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Television. Advantages and disadvantages (телебачення: переваги та недоліки)

    Television is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. It is the most popular part of mass media. Today every family has a TV-set, TV has changed much since the time of its invention and its role has changed, too. There have been numerous debates concerning advantages and disadvantages of television. When TV first appeared its main pur­pose was to give official information to people. It was supported by the government. Now television plays a big role in every civilized society. Today television gives people a possibility to be well informed and enjoy "civilized pleasures". The programmes are various and people have a chance to select what they want to see. Television provides great oppor­tunities for education. There are programmes devoted to specialized sub­jects. With the help of TV it is possible to learn foreign languages, to know a lot of wonderful things. TV teaches the ideals of democracy and political argument. Watching television can be compared with reading books. By the beginning of the 21st century TV became a coloured net­work. Numerous programmes people can receive by satellite or cable. The choice of the channels ranges from six to twenty. These channels show programmes of various kinds, from documentaries, current events and sport to American films and science-fiction cartoons. Now this me­dium of communication allows people to see and speak with each other even if they are separated by thousand kilometers. TV brought ballet, op­era and theatre to big masses of people. It was even in the vanguard of new drama. Moreover, IV can help keep children quiet. If they are noisy, their mothers turn on the set. If people don't like TV they don't buy it or just switch it off.
     At the same time there are a lot of arguments against TV. It is said that only three generations have grown up with television but they man­aged to forget how to spend their free time without it. Its role is increas­ing not because it is an entertainer or information but because of the grip it has on many people. It is called "a living-room monster" or "one-eyed monster". It is established that the biggest part of viewers are pensioners and housewives. In total they spend five or more hours daily sitting in front of the "boxes". Children watch commercials, horror films or films of violence TV prevents children from creating their abilities. They get accustomed to TV to such an extent that they watch it all time.
     Moreover. TV is damaging for health. It has bad effect on the eyes, particularly of children. The physicians proved that if children don't watch TV, their eyesight improves. But if children don't watch TV, they have nothing to talk about at school, where comedians and singing stars are major topics. The same is true about some adults. Sometimes people have nothing to speak about, except TV.
     Nowadays some people in our country watch TV programmes from about six in the morning to the early hours of the next day. They watch everything, from news and sport reports to dramas and educational pro­grammes. Free time is regulated by TV. It occupies our free time. Instead of going to the theatre or reading books people watch TV. Very often programmes are bad, as TV can't pace with demand. TV cuts people from real world. The virtual world becomes more important. TV is abso­lutely irrelevant to real living. No surprise that television is often called "chewing gum for men's brains". People become lazy. Dinnertime is of­ten pressed by television. If people are deprived for various reasons of watching their favourite programmes they feel inconvenience.
     Only few people can live without TV today. As you see, televi­sion has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. And people must de­cide themselves if they need to watch it so much or not.


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