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Ukrainian cinematography (українська кінематографія)

Cinema was invented and patented his device February 13, 1895 French - brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere, Jacques. So says the whole world. Some investigators, and with them and film historian G. Ostrowski, argue that the movie invented Joseph A. Timchenko, a self-taught mechanic Novorossiysk (Odessa) University. His device for displaying moving pictures he showed January 9, 1894 physicians and naturalists in their IX Congress. Congress delegates saw the "movie" making with the protocol, which expressed to Mr. Timchenko's admiration and gratitude for his original work. About Pat then nobody has thought.

In pre-revolutionary cinema in Ukraine due to the work of many popular actors. Queen of the screen of those times was Vera Cool, who was born in Poltava, and many shot in Odessa.

In 1922 he founded the All-Ukrainian fotokinoupravlenie, who managed to reconstruct the Odessa and Yalta enterprise, and in 1928 put into operation the Kiev film ukrainian studio (Kiev studio's future to them. Dovzhenko). In 1930 in Ukraine there is the first sound film ukrainian - documentary film by Vertov "Symphony of the Donbass."

Ukrainian artists in the past century have created their own brilliant film ukraine school, which has enriched the world worthy of a movie. The memory will remain forever the names of Alexander Dovzhenko and Ivan Kavaleridze, Mark Donskoi, Sergei Paradjanov, Leonid Bykov, Leonid Osyka, Ivan Mykolaychuk and many of their talented creative followers. You can easily download movies made by these film creators on compmovie.com. Over recent years, the Ukrainian cinema a new generation of kinohudozhnikov.

On January 23, 2003 a Law of Ukraine "On a national development program of the film ukraine industry, 2003-2007 'task is to create proper conditions for the development of cinematography of Ukraine, resuming the role and influence of national cinema in the cultural, social and spiritual spheres of the Ukrainian people, the resumption of Film as a competitive industry, to improve mechanisms for extra-budgetary funding and involvement in the film ukraine industry of Ukraine investments.

Film workers holiday - the Day of Ukrainian cinema - established by Presidential Decree of 12.01.1996 № 52/96 and is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in September.

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