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Problems of free time (проблеми вільного часу)


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Schoolchildren usually do not have much free time, because they have to go to school and do their homework. Still, you have to relax sometime. To my mind, it is possible to divide all teenagers into two groups: formal and informal. Teenagers from formal groups generally spend their leisure time doing sports, shopping or going out with friends, sightseeing and travelling; watching TV or listening to the music of their favourite radio station. Teenagers from informal groups spend their free time according to their values and beliefs. They may team with those who share their interests and listen to the music that deviates from the mainstream. They may have rave parties or bike shows, navigate the internet, or organise fan clubs.
In big cities some teenagers from informal groups (e.g. skinheads) gather in gangs. They drink alcohol, fight, break everything they see, and write on walls. They practice vandalism. They enjoy it. They must be freaks who have nothing else to do. They wish nothing else. I think, they really have problems with free time activities. Such teenage gangsters or mobsters, usually get into trouble and create a distorted image of the younger generation. I find their behaviour absolutely provocative and terribly disgraceful.
Some other teens prefer to spend a lot of time indoors because they are TV addicts or fond of computer/video games. Some like to be alone because they are keen on reading or watching videos. I do not like this kind of pastime. It makes you passive. I prefer outdoor activities. I enjoy being with other people. There are lots of interesting things for us to do. There is no use to stay in and watch your telly – instead choose a healthy hobby!
Most teenagers in Russia like to go out with their friends or simply talk. There are a lot of topics to discuss. Friends can help you find new records, computer programmes or just new opportunities to enjoy your free time. I feel I could share all my feelings with my friends and they would understand me very well. We usually go to McDonald’s, the city centre, or a disco club. We talk. For instance, my friend N. is nuts about Tolkien’s novels. He often tells us about the adventures of the characters from The Lord of the Rings. It’s great when teens form positive subcultures (e.g. Tolkienists) or listen to some positive music.
I know some teens who are fans of a music group or a singer. They collect posters and records, visit concerts regularly, and exchange pictures and news. They like to sing songs of their pop or rock idols and find information about them in the internet. On different websites, admirers can find pictures, and lyrics. Some even download the music.
Other teens are sport fans or go in for sports themselves. British boys and girls play their traditional sport games, such as cricket, soccer, rugby, golf, and tennis. American boys and girls usually play American football, baseball, and basketball. Cheerleaders are also very popular in the USA.
My friend and I like to play basketball and volleyball. In summer we play beach volleyball, badminton, and table tennis. But I would not like to join a sports team. I want to play just for fun, not to become a champion.
Some teens spend a lot of time with their pets. One of my friends trains a puppy in his free time.
I know that in Britain and the USA many teenagers earn money after school or during vacations. They work for their pocket money or to support their families. They can work in a local pub, a shop, a supermarket, or a golf club. The majority of kids prefer to deliver mail. Some work in stables, if they like horses; some work as baby-sitters, if they like babies. If I could, I would work too, though in Russia teens have fewer job opportunities. I could babysit, deliver letters. It’s great to acquire some working experience while you are still at school. I believe, I could even work abroad.
The best way to relax for me is travelling. If your parents are made of money, you are a lucky dog. You may have the most breathtaking holidays at the resorts of Spain, Turkey, or the Bahamas. As a matter of fact, some travelling and working experience is rather important, because universities and potential employers are very much in favour of students who have it.
So, to finish, I’d like to say that the problem of free time activities is successfully solved for me. Frankly speaking, most of my friends and classmates face another problem: we don’t have enough free time. I sincerely hope that after my school and entrance exams, I’ll sigh with relief and be able to relax to the max. I’ll enjoy every minute of my freedom. I will sing, "It’s OVER!” Then I’ll get a clearer idea of what free time is.

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